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  • Mandira Antar

Tattoo symbols / The snake

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Primal, ancient and mystic, the serpent is a symbol that is totally worth exploring as a tattoo design. The bibliography is far more interesting than anyone could imagine, and the correlations that the serpent generates in everyone are equally exciting! You can be immensely afraid of it or adore it, but in any case serpents in general and snakes specifically generate an awe within us.

Moreover ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) is one of most common phobias around!

For some cultures it means pure evil for others healing and progression in life, one way on another it is definitely a symbol that never leaves us unaffected.

The serpent evolved about 165 million years ago so it's been part of our collective unconscious for a long time!

Did you know?

Acconding to Journal of Experimental Biology snakes - although they lack an outer and middle ear structure can actualy "hear" and are very sensitive to vibrations, a quality that helps them communicate and detect predators and prey.


Snake Symbol Myths and Facts

The serpent is one of the basic archetypes. According to Carl G. Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology, the serpent is a messenger and symbol of the unconscious. In Freudian terms though, the snake is a phallic symbol.

For Christianity and Jewish religions the biblical serpent was the reason for the exile from the Garden of Eden (Paradise) of Adam and Eve. In this sense it is a symbol of sin and sex.