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Tattoo Symbols / Daisy

The Latin name of this herb is BELLIS perennis (Belis or perennial) and belongs to the family of the Composites. This means that it consists of 2 kinds of flowers, a different species is its yellow center and another kind its petals!

It is a symbol of month April, white, humble and abundant in nature. Many similar flowers are called daisies – regardless their colour – because they share a common shape so sometimes they distinguish it by calling it the “common daisy”.

The flower is bigger that the small and humble chamomile, sharing some qualities though concerning their healing properties. In homeopathy nowadays and since antiquity it has been used for its astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Daisy is a symbol of innocence, true and devoted love, the sun and light, playfulness and new beginnings. It is often used to symbolise the love between parents and children.

A very common utility of the daisy is to reveal if he/she loves you or not, by plucking the petals one by one…

Daisies usually grow in numbers of many, so they also symbolize friendship and connectivity, togetherness.

Daisy Tattoo

Flowers in general are suitable for any body positioning and can be created in almost every available tattoo style. Colourful of black dotting, watercolour, old school or new school, realistic, geometric, abstract; they fit in combination with other flowers and can also flourish along with other natural elements or animals.

Based on the daisy qualities of innocence, love, humility and new beginnings hand positioning is wonderful to assist our actions and gestures to be filled with this positive energy. It is also an amazing choice for those who prefer a small, minimal and elegant tattoo that looks almost like a gem.