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Tattoo symbols-Pyramid

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

From the beginning of civilisation, man built pyramids as a symbol of achievement, transformation, accomplishment, transcendence and wisdom. Pyramid shape is part of the collective consciousness and it seems to has emerged from our need to know and reach God himself.

The origin of the word pyramid is Greek. In ancient greek pyramid was called "pyramis" (pyra=fire, is=I am (from the verb "esmi" or pyr=fire and amis=vessel)). Egyptians though called the edifice "mer".

In the tattoo and design field, it is commonly illustrated in combination with the eye of Providence (All seeing eye) or/and as an iconography of the Egyptian Pyramids.

This combination is prominent and yet misunderstood, for it has been identified with secret societies such as the Illuminati or Masons, and is pictured on the American dollar.

In this article though, the pyramid symbol is examined as a design symbol that can be part of your tattoo.

Mainly cause in this blog, we explore the energy that every shape and symbol brings to the wearer of a tattoo. We try to intensify the deep healing effect of tattoo art and connect it with it’s true origin and significance!

Shapes and symbols in general carry a specific energy, mirroring a state occurring or desired on a higher dimension.

History of the Pyramid

There have been many pyramids found around the world, each built from a different civilization and in places of the world that in no way communicated with each other in Antiquity.

This fact intensifies the theory that the concept of the pyramid has emerged almost simultaneously in civilizations that were evolved enough, as to be concerned with mysticism, science and religion.

Main examples of the ancient pyramids found around the globe are: