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Dandelion tattoo Symbol

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

When we were kids we believed that blowing a dandelion to the wind could make our wishes come true... If you want to be honest you still crave to do it sometimes... don't you?

Female shoulder placement of dandelion in an orange circle tattoo design
Dandelion in an orange circle tattoo design by Mandira

(Διαβάστε την ελληνική εκδοχή εδώ)

What we did not know is that this wild flower that grows in every little corner of the world is a miracle of nature that can be eaten (the leaves), has many pharmaceutical uses (the roots and flower) and is known since ancient times for the benefits of it's consumption.

This humble but precious plant is also known as thief, taraxacum, clockflower, priest's crown and many many more.

Did you know?

The name dandelion comes from the French "dent de lion" which means the "lion's tooth" because of the shape of it's leaves.
Dandelion life-cycle, illustration by Mandira
Dandelion life-cycle, illustration by Mandira

The amazing life-cycle of dandelion is used symbolically to show the stages of life, seasons, life changes & every transformation.

It is also considered to be a spiritual flower... the yellow flower is the sun, the white fluffy the moon and the seeds that fly away with the wind, the stars.

The dandelion reminds us of our childhood and memories of innocence and freedom. It plays with the wind, and uses it to help it grow and unfold. And then, with this trust, like a small cloud that has no purpose of it's own or direction, it waits for the rain to help it get grounded and come back to life.


The dandelion has so much to teach us about trusting and being natural. We always think that we have to make things happen, and this is true in a way - we have to trust ourselves and make decisions - , but we must trust nature and life as well.

In my opinion, this is the lesson of the dandelion life cycle. Because of this adaptation and change, the dandelion flower can be seen even where the soil is poor and insufficient.

dandelion key words, meaning of the symbol, illustration by Mandira
Dandelion symbolism by Mandira

Dandelion tattoo & placement

The dandelion is often depicted in tattoo art. Not as often as the rose or lotus, but still. Because of it's sensitivity and playfulness it is an elegant and meaningful choice.

It is mainly considered a girly design but this is not entirely true.

Dandelion side forearm tattoo, design by Mandira
Dandelion side forearm tattoo

Usually it is designed in black and white and most rarely in colours. You will see it combined with birds or butterflies enhancing the meaning of freedom and lightness.

It looks good in many placements , usually arm, shoulders, wrist or upper back positioning. I have seen simple designs of it inked in the belly , looking really nice and smooth.

The dandelion enhances this movement that we need in our lives, making decisions and keep moving in all circumstances. So a leg positioning will look amazing as well.

The dandelion is helping us let go of all those things that we keep but we do not need. It will help our heart transform and us surrender to life. Especially the heart chakra - having the wind as an element - will be much assisted by the dandelion flower design.



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