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Tattoo symbols-Pyramid

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 23 Αυγ 2021

From the beginning of civilisation, man built pyramids as a symbol of achievement, transformation, accomplishment, transcendence and wisdom. Pyramid shape is part of the collective consciousness and it seems to has emerged from our need to know and reach God himself.

The origin of the word pyramid is Greek. In ancient greek pyramid was called "pyramis" (pyra=fire, is=I am (from the verb "esmi" or pyr=fire and amis=vessel)). Egyptians though called the edifice "mer".

In the tattoo and design field, it is commonly illustrated in combination with the eye of Providence (All seeing eye) or/and as an iconography of the Egyptian Pyramids.

This combination is prominent and yet misunderstood, for it has been identified with secret societies such as the Illuminati or Masons, and is pictured on the American dollar.

In this article though, the pyramid symbol is examined as a design symbol that can be part of your tattoo.

Mainly cause in this blog, we explore the energy that every shape and symbol brings to the wearer of a tattoo. We try to intensify the deep healing effect of tattoo art and connect it with it’s true origin and significance!

Shapes and symbols in general carry a specific energy, mirroring a state occurring or desired on a higher dimension.

History of the Pyramid

There have been many pyramids found around the world, each built from a different civilization and in places of the world that in no way communicated with each other in Antiquity.

This fact intensifies the theory that the concept of the pyramid has emerged almost simultaneously in civilizations that were evolved enough, as to be concerned with mysticism, science and religion.

Main examples of the ancient pyramids found around the globe are:

  • The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)

  • The Great Pyramid of Cholula (aka Tlachihualtepetl in Mexico)

  • The Pyramid of the Moon (Teotihuacan Mexico)

  • Chichen Itza (Mayas)

  • Pyramids of Tikal (Mayas)

  • Pyramid of Hellinikon (Greece)

There isn't enough historical evidence on the utility or purpose of Pyramid forms built in the ancient world.

Many findings lead to the assumption that they were either used as royal tombs or temples, places for religious sacrifices and rituals. In any case, the essence of the pyramids remains spiritual and religious in orientation.

Symbolism of the Pyramid shape

In it’ s simplest and natural form, the pyramid represents the mountain.

The "tetrahedron" the first of the Platonic solids previously mentioned from Pythagoras (c. 570–c. 500 BC), represents the element of fire.

Furthermore, the "octahedron" represents the element of Air. And what more is to the octahedron than two square based pyramids one pointing up and the other down (as above so below...). The element of Air is connected to action and manifestation and connects to the heart chakra.

For the Pythagoreans everything in nature is translated into numbers, an understanding that scientists of today consider self-evident was part of a mystical top-secrecy school of 600 members in the 6th century BC!!

Another much discussed and spiritual symbol is the merkabah (or merkaba). The merkabah is an ancient symbol that consists of two triangular pyramids interconnecting (two star tetrahedrons). It is said to help spiritual awakening and astral journeys. In it's two dimensional impression it imprints as the star of David. The origin of the merkabah is probably Islamic and Jewish and is lost down the ages. "Mer" means light, "ka" means spirit and "ba" means body.

The Pyramid is a symbolic representation of the cosmic tree (tree of life). Her tip is the point of meeting between the earth and the sky, the spiritual and the physical realm. You can imagine a tree with it’s roots on the top of the pyramid and the branches on the bottom extending to all the points of the horizon!

Some say they were royal tombs, -with no evidence whatsoever- but a plethora of spiritual books and myths on mysticism refer to them as sacred places where rituals and initiations were taking place (such references can be found on books about Jesus, Pythagoras, Gurdjieff etc.)

In both cases, the edifice of pyramid, represents the stairs that the soul needs to ascend in order to achieve a spiritual awakening or reach and face God. The basic symbolism is all and all the same!

The shape of the pyramid in general helps purify and transform the energy. Crystals in the shape of pyramid help energy cleansing of a place and neutralise negative states, they support therapy and assist in therapeutic goals.

Because the pyramid is an energy "generator" it supports creativity and completion.

The key with the pyramid is accepting the cycle of life and death and that no energy is ever lost! You need to accept what you have to give up in order to achieve your potential. Any burden that is keeping you from ascending should be dropped and accepted... this is how new things will find place in your path...

Pyramid tattoo design

The pyramid is not an easy design to create. In general it is used as an additional element and usually is not found as the main theme of a tattoo design.

With the exception of course that your tattoo is of the Great Pyramid of Giza or another great pyramid of the ancient world! In this case people usually feel connected with the mystery and awe that those achievements carry till today, along with the energy of the all the aforementioned qualities!

Keep in mind that the pyramid will add strength in any design! Either being part of a mandala design, where other symbols are present or as a central piece. Dotting or shades can help a linear design to be less boring, and some colour can enhance your design even further. My opinion is that the pyramid shape should be used carefully and consciously. I love small pyramids that protect and help with the flow and integrate purification and energy transformation.

Tattoos Source: Pinterest,

Pyramid tattoo placement:

The pyramid needs to be somewhere in your body where action and flow is required. Places of trauma (physical or emotional) will be much assisted by the pyramid.

Pyramid will support the opening of your heart and decisiveness, so choose an upper back or hand positioning for this purpose.

Place it on your lower back for support and need of balance and connection. The pyramid will assist in opening to relationships and open your creativity!

Because of this connection to creativity and manifestation, place the pyramid around your neck area to support your throat chakra , the center of your creativity and freedom.

I hope you find a pyramid design that fits you and inspires you for your next tattoo! As I have declared many times by now, the choice of the tattoo as well as the reason behind it, are always personal and many times not even obvious.

You can have the tattoo that you desire just by trusting your inner guts and your personal aesthetics. My wish is that my blog and feeling on the symbol will assist and enrich your decision ...

Check out my tattoo page and message me for a custom design that we co-create with love and enthusiasm! Like our facebook page to stay in touch!

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