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Tattoo symbols / Arrow

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 28 Αυγ 2021

Arrows and feathers are very commonly used in tattoo designs. Both have deep and ancient symbolism as well as simplicity and grace.

Both can be inked black or water-coloured, old school or with dotting, leaving the tattoo artist plenty of space experimenting.

The arrow

The arrow is an ancient Native American tribe symbol with wonderful and powerful meaning. It is a weapon so it is connected to the strength of the warrior and the hunter. It's purpose is to protect and provide. The meaning of the arrow changes depending on it's position in the design, or if it is designed single or in a specific number. For example, two arrows represent war but for some tribes two crossed arrows symbolise friendship. Also five arrows stand for strength.

The arrow is also connected with the masculine energy and it's force and clear direction. The ability to set goals and achieve and the strength to move to the right direction.

Last but not least the arrow is often a reminding of cupid and the power of falling in love especially if it is designed combined with a heart.

So, if you are a man, choose an arrow for your body if you want to feel protected, strong, success oriented and if you feel proud for your manhood.

You girls, can always choose a beautiful arrow design to emphasise those significant male qualities in you that we all so desperately need in our lives. Making things happen, turning your energy to the right direction and achieve whatever your heart desires. Most commonly though, women love the symbolism of protection that comes with the arrow. We all feel that being safe and protected gives us peace and relaxation... a feeling like returning to the safety of our home.

More on the feather symbolism in my next post...

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